2024 Judges - take the stage.

Led by founding MPA judge, the renowned British photographer, publisher and film director Rankin (Madonna, Bjork, Miley Cyrus) the panel is: US photographer, Raven B Varona (Adele), photographer and videographer Pooneh Ghana (Olivia Rodrigo, Beck, and The Strokes), photographers Ashley Verse (Stormzy, Tom Grennan) and Sam Rockman (Limp Bizkit), Vanity Fair’s editor of Creative Development David Friend, Abbey Road’s first ever ‘Artist In Residence’ Jordan Rakei, Gossip frontwoman and fashion icon Beth Ditto, Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson, Mercury nominated jazz musician Moses Boyd, artist and drag queen Bimini and Decca Records Director of A&R Rachel Holmberg.


Rankin is a British photographer, publisher, and film director.

Raven B Varona

Raven B. Varona also known as "RavieB" is a photographer born and raised in The Bronx, NY.

Pooneh Ghana

Born and raised in Texas and coming of age in the Austin music scene, Pooneh Ghana is a music photographer who has combined her two passions into a career she's grateful to wake up to everyday.

Ashley Verse

Ashley Verse is a photographer of Jamaican & Bajan heritage, based in London.

Sam Rockman

London-based photographer and visual artist Sam Rockman boasts a diverse portfolio that transcends conventional boundaries, fostering genuine connections with individuals globally.

David Friend

David Friend is Vanity Fair's editor of creative development.

Jordan Rakei

New Zealand-born, Australia-raised, Jordan Rakei is Abbey Road’s first ever Artist In Residence.

Beth Ditto

Gossip frontwoman and fashion icon Beth Ditto.

Jason Williamson

Jason Williamson is a British singer, songwriter, actor, and author.

Moses Boyd

Moses Boyd is a multi-award winning drummer, producer and composer.


First finding global fame as the break-out star of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, Bimini is a new cultural icon.

Rachel Holmberg

Rachel Holmberg is the Director of A&R for Decca Records at Universal Music.

Guest Judge: Simon Wheatley

Acknowledged as one of the most influential UK photographers of the 21st century, Simon Wheatley emerged as an authoritative chronicler of London’s youth culture with the publication of his book, DON’T CALL ME URBAN The Time of Grime in 2010.

The judging process will comprise of two stages. First, our Submission Panel that is once again led by Rolling Stone Photo Editor Sacha Lecca, alongside photographers Charlotte Patmore (i-D & CRACK), Katy Cummings (ELLE UK & NME), Phoebe Fox (Blur & Fontaines DC), Rachel Holmberg (Director of A&R, Decca) and Anthony Pham the winner of Undiscovered Photographer Of The Year award at the 2023 MPAs will review every single entry and create a shortlist to be presented to the Judging Panel.

Our judging panel, helmed by photographer, publisher and director Rankin, together with Raven B Varona, Pooneh Ghana, Ashley Verse, Sam Rockman, David Friend, Jordan Rakei, Beth Ditto, Jason Williamson, Moses Boyd and Bimini will review the shortlisted entries and award the defining photograph of each category.

Shortlisting Panel

Sacha Lecca

Sacha Lecca is a photographer and a photo editor. He is currently the Deputy Photo Editor at Rolling Stone magazine.

Phoebe Fox

Phoebe Fox is a photographer and videographer who specialises in live music, documenting tours, festivals, artworks and magazine features.

Charlotte Patmore

Charlotte Patmore is an inimitable photographer, artist and filmmaker.

Katy Cummings

Katy Cummings is a music photographer that has worked with many bands, brands and publications.

Anthony Pham

Winner of the Undiscovered Photographer Of The Year award at the Music Photography Awards 2023.