Anthony Pham

This day was a very special day. My homie Raul Sanchez was directing a piece for Nipsey Hussle and asked me to come along and take photos. We took the blue line on the LA metro recreating the journey he used to take when he first started in music. He’d commute from Crenshaw to the Watts Towers Art Center where they hosted a music program, sometimes by bus, sometimes by bike. The day started with him, a few of his homies, and a bottle of 1942. We walked to the stop at 103rd st and just hopped onto the metro and he’d just casually chop it up with everyone that approached him. Taking pictures with everyone and giving life lessons to the neighborhood kids. At the time I was obsessed with shooting through things (still am). So when the bus stopped I immediately ran out to the front of the bus, waiting for him to get off, and snapped the photo on my Leica m7 with a 28mm. By the time we started walking back to the Watts Towers, the small group of homies turned into a huge entourage, yet he was unfazed. Nipsey really was for the people. I still feel so fortunate for that day. RIP NIP TMC.