Live Music supported by Philips Ambilight TV

Photography: John Lyons, 2022 Live Music winner

Did you take the shot that defined live music in 2022? Then take a shot at the Live Music Award.

From the undeniable electricity of a small venue and the euphoria of a returning festival to the intimate connection between artist and audience, these are the photographs that show us what live music means to you.


The Live Music category winner can enjoy the superior picture and sound performance of the OLED+ 908 TV sound by Bowers & Wilkins 55”.

Philips Ambilight TV Abbey Road

About the Partner

The TV that blurs boundaries supports artists who do the same.

Part TV. Part sound system. Part light show. If anyone gets the magic that happens when boundaries blur and disciplines combine, it’s Ambilight TV.

Born from Philips, who gave the world the cassette tape, the VCR, and – working with Sony - the CD, Ambilight TV is the culmination of a belief in the power of sound and image to move, challenge, and connect people.

They recognise that, to do better, you’ve got to be prepared to do different. How else do you get a new category of TV with lights at the back?

This hunger for excellence has fuelled partnerships with experts in their fields: Bowers & Wilkins, Kvadrat fabric, Muirhead leather - and Abbey Road Studios, where Ambilight TVs are put to the test in the gruelling environment of the edit suite.

Ambilight TV is proud to support artists with the same urge to do things better - and confidence to do things different.

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