Oscar Hetherington

"I'm a young and passionate Photographer from New Zealand with a drive to share stories of people, places and our environment in a new and unique way. I work with a lot of other young talented artists, sportspeople and students and my aim is to share exciting and eye opening imagery" - Oscar Hetherington

The Beatniks

The Beatniks band in front of there second hand van. From left to right Sam Charlseworth, Will Rundle, Ollie Charlesworth and Alex Kendall. Hanging out and having a few drinks before performing at a daytime flat party on Dunedin's famous Castle Street.

Free Drinks

Ollie Charlesworth of the student band the beatniks getting passed a drink from the crowd mid song and sculling it on stage to a roar of approval from the crowd. Standard Dunedin student behaviour.

True Performing

Sam Charlesworth singing his lungs out on stage during a late night/early morning gig in the heart of Dunedin's music scene. With students as far as the eye could see Sam always seems to soak up the energy of the crowd and then share it in his passion for playing and singing.

Spinning out

Sam Charlesworth in the studio rehearsing his track list a few hours before a pub show. Shooting slow shutter images in music is excellent difficult but I set it as a goal of mine while spending hours in the studio to show the intensity and hectic feeling you get from spending hours practicing.

Don't break the deck

In the middle of winter on a cold Dunedin day the beatniks always perform their hearts out. Pictured here both brothers Sam and Ollie Charlesworth going mental and jumping around after ripping their tops off even though the day was a mere 2c Degrees.