Megan Doherty

Megan Doherty is a photographer hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland. Since graduating University of Ulster, Belfast in 2016, Doherty continues to build upon her current body of work, embodying ideas of youth, subculture, freedom and escape.

On Top of the Hill

Close friends of mine (pictured) after we had decided to take to the rain-soaked streets for a night-time stroll.


Couple embrace each other in dimly lit hallway of music venue for Casual Riots music video, 'Caramel'.


NewDad pictured in their friend's greenhouse in Galway.


Model, Joyce Chang, photographed on set of Casual Riots music video for 'Caramel'.


A friend of mine photographed at a bus window during a winter night. The image will become the artwork of new Irish musician Deeply Armed's upcoming record.