Joe Puxley

"Music makes me see life with more ambition and emotional clarity, without escaping it. That's what I hope to achieve with my images, photographing musicians against the mundane settings we often use their songs to reinterpret. I left college in lockdown 1; music & creativity have been so valuable." - Joe Puxley


Arlo is someone I've wanted to photograph since I found her music, and I loved the idea of taking a really intimate and hopeful portrait. I think close ups like this create a lot of empathy and depth in the subject, which I love because that's what I experience meeting them.


This is a fleeting portrait I took of the effervescent Pa Salieu, at an event hosted by DAZED mag. We met some very kind people, who took us backstage where I photographed a few of my favourite artist


This is one my favourite images, shot on my first big shoot with an artist. I'm so grateful for people like Desta who aren't afraid to trust new photographers. I have a lot of admiration for her creatively, and I like how that really comes through in the photo.


The incredible Desta, photographed before headlining The Jazz Cafe. I love beautiful images that don't require expensive lights, sets, or cameras, and that are generally held together by emotions and creativity. Accessibility in photography is very important I think.


This photo was taken midway through Bree Runway's first headlining show.