Indy Brewer

"I love capturing the magic of music and what it means to the artists and fans! My style is quite eclectic but focuses on capturing the artists’ personality and making people feel like they were there in the moment. I began in my local scene in Southampton, before moving to Brighton and now London." - Indy Brewer

Overhead Drums

A shot of Connor recording the drums for the new songs. There was a landing above the drums which is where the shot was taken from.

Candid Moments

A candid shot taken from the sound desk located upstairs in the studio. The band weren't aware I was taking photos at this point.

The Old Chapel Demos

We took this photo during an outdoor break when the band were recording new music. This photo was used as artwork for the demo EP that was released out a few weeks later.

Backing Track

Henry was recording backing vocals when this was taken.

Multiple Layers

Stan recording the guitar part for the new songs.