Gary Mather

"Spawned from a love of abandoned structures I found photography, 3 years later and a slightly better understanding of my camera you find me here. I have always had a passion for music as long as I can remember, so what better way to bring the two together." - Gary Mather

Losing My Mind

Billy No Mates puts on such an immersive set. I wanted to try and convey some of the emotion within a photograph. This burst shot overlayed together in PS was how i tried to capture what her show felt like.

Open Mic!

From the get go Kenny was in and out the crowd more times than a blow up beach ball. It's hard to get "the" shot when all the togs in the pit are vying for prime position so it was a bit of luck this one.

Catch Me

The first time I have shot Stone and being in the pit there was just a massive sense that something special was happening. I try and cover as much as possible when shooting a festival but something told me to stick around and see this one out.

We're Back!!

With harsh lights and a frontman with massive shoes to fill it was a real struggle to grab anything decent without having to nuke it in photoshop, but for a split second the stars aligned - light, flare, jumpshot, but most focus!

Going Off!

I have shot Sheafs many times before and took a punt to stay out of the pit for our allotted 3 songs because I hoped he would wade in to the crowd....which he duly did, to my relief! The emotion of freedom after lockdown and just to be in a crowd is hopefully summed up in this shot.