Hip Hop 50 supported by Hennessy

Photography: Eric Johnson

2023 marks 50 years of Hip-Hop: five decades of captivating beats, powerful lyrics and ground-breaking artistry that have left an indelible mark on popular culture.

The Music Photography Awards will celebrate this iconic anniversary with a special category that will serve as a vibrant homage to 50 years of photography. From the birth of the genre in the Bronx, New York, to its global expansion and its everlasting impact on music, fashion, and society, the submissions will capture the essence of Hip-Hop's profound significance.

Whether you have documented electrifying performances by legendary artists in the genre, behind-the-scenes glimpses of creative processes, or street scenes that breathe with the raw energy of the culture, we want to see images that encapsulate the spirit of Hip-Hop from any point in the last 50 years.

Hip Hop 50 Award Criteria:

• Entrants must be 25 years or older
• We will allow photos from the last 50 years to be submitted as we celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop (Dates: 1 January 1973 - 31 December 2022 inclusive)
• Photos may only contain people who are 25 years or older. Proof of age may be required. No photos will be accepted if there are people who visibly appear under the age of 25
• All entrants must have no known issues of alcohol or drug abuse, or history of misconduct due to alcohol
• All entrants must have no current affiliations to or partnerships with any other alcohol brands
• Entries must not contain any material which contains or promotes irresponsible consumption or handling of alcohol.


• 1 x trip to Cognac, France for the winner with a guided tour around the home of Hennessy, going behind the scenes of the Maison where Hennessy has been crafting one-of-a kind Cognacs for over 250 years
• Prize includes 1 x return flight, 3 x nights’ accommodation and transfer costs for the winner

Abbey Road hennessy

About the Partner

From the birth of Jazz, through to the rise of Hip Hop and the arrival of the UK’s game-changing Grime scene, Hennessy has been embraced as the drink of choice for a lineage of cultural visionaries - becoming synonymous with the iconic music, culture and communities shaping the sounds of the past century.

Referenced in over 5,000 songs, Hennessy is the most name-checked spirit in the history of music, with Tupac, Biggie, Drake and countless others giving an ode to the world-famous Cognac within their lyrics. Its reverence within modern culture is nothing new, as Hennessy’s affiliation with music culture can be charted back to as early as 1914, where Black American soldiers stationed in France were introduced to the Cognac during the First World War. Then popularised by Jazz musicians, the brand took off across the world, resonating with Reggae, Soul, Hip Hop and Grime generations. Today, Hennessy is currently leading the charge when it comes to creating new and unexpected experiences across diverse musical genres and cultural territories.