Philips TV

Philips TV has an exceptionally long history of supporting the arts and in particular music & film.

Great content deserves the very best reproduction and Philips TV focuses on delivering the best picture quality. Great sound quality for music and movies is an essential part of the package for all its TVs.

Philips has an exceptionally long history of supporting the arts, in particular music & film, and has always considered partnerships to be a vital part of its business. This desire to work with the very best European based specialist companies has also led to Philips TV partnership with Abbey Road Studios, allowing content to be edited and mastered on the best TV sets while allowing Philips to test and develop its products in the most challenging and demanding environment.

The company’s OLED+ Ambilight models are widely accepted to be the best available, with Philips developing all picture quality processing in house. Also, working with specialist audio legends Bowers & Wilkins to ensure exceptional sound performance to match the stunning on-screen images. Philips TVs add an extra element to their performance through the company’s unique Ambilight technology where a series of constantly changing LED lights on the rear of the set, cast a halo of coloured light on to the wall behind - supporting performances from the very best artists including legendary cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason to highlight the immersive performance Philips OLED+TVs.

Capturing and recreating the smallest or largest live event in the most realistic and immersive fashion is at the heart of every Philips OLED+ Ambilight TV. And Philips TV is delighted to be able to support the Live Music Photography Award and giving the winner the chance to enjoy the very best TV for themselves.

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Capturing the image that defined live music in 2021. Locked down or not, the music played on. From the undeniable electricity of a small venue and the euphoria of a returning festival, to the intimate connection between artist and audience, these are the photographs that show us what live music means to you.

The Prize

Philips TV is delighted to support the Live Music Photography category and the winner will enjoy the superior picture and sound performance of the multi-award-winning Philips 55” OLED+936 TV- valued at nearly £2000 - as part of the prize.